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Two-Day Camps have all of our bells and whistles. · California Superbike School Schedule: 2/15-16 Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, NV ** 3/7-8 Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, NV **. Established in 1980. The techniques are tangible and easily applied plus have some real world implications. Superbike-Coach advanced motorcycle rider training programs are hands-on, unique, and refreshingly different. Mar 13 & 14: Las Vegas Motor Speedway: North Las Vegas, NV: 2-Day Camp/All Levels: 50 Bike incl.

The ratio of coach to students was very low, with one coach per three or four students. The first day was Level 1 and included other drills dealing with turning quickly, minimizing negative rider input and their “two-step turn” process, an introduction to Level 2. A Twist of the Wrist, Vol. Locate that “reference. SuperbikeSchool LearnToRide (c) MotorsTV. California Superbike School USA Having the world’s best organized and most professional school is our goal. Today is about turning new skills into habits under the guiding eye of your coach. Code&39;s methodology has been taught to numerous championship winning riders such as Wayne Rainey, James Toseland and Leon Camier.

but my god the dudes from California Superbike School (CSS) are friggin cool! I started looking into this type of class about three years ago. There are also two-day “camps” which include all of the “bells and whistles” such as breakfast, lunch, all of the riding gear ( including full race leathers), bike use, lap times and the special training bikes (available at most locations). While Keith Code, who is the mastermind behind California Superbike School, may not have achieved the title of World Champion, he has trained many riders that have become champions, such as Eric Bostrom, Doug Chandler, Tommy Hayden and James Toseland, just to name a few. 25 miles long with a total of 21 turns of all degrees and several considerable grade changes. But having our students leave with a better understanding of the cornering process, fewer uncertainties about it and a good measure of their confidence restored, is our day-to-day focus — it’s also the standard by which we judge our.

Many of the performance motorcycle training Superbike School 2 schools are headed by and often carry the name of a famous past racer. . Essentially all I had to do was show up on time and in good health. Can Akkaya Superbike training?

We may not have been racers, but we sure looked the part! · Back to The California Superbike School – Level 2 Posted on This is the second article I wrote for Motorcycle Explorer Magazine, covering my experiences during Level 2 of the California Superbike School syllabus and my emerging views on advanced training. Our Two-Day Camps are open to both first-time California Superbike School students as well as returning, upper-level students. After the de-brief it was back into the classroom to talk about “Turn Points”. Besides, the company was enjoyable. California Superbike School’s motto is “Discover The Art Of Cornering”.

Whatever the reason, I highly recommend attending one of the high performance motorcycle riding schools. 95 - FREE Shipping in Continental US Add to cart; Dunlop Qualifier 3+ Tire Set (120/70 front & 190/55 rear) Call office for special student priceRead more. We make better and safer motorcycle riders. Snap it to the right for turns 1 and 2 that are really one big decreasing right hander, hanging off to the right (a good place to drag a knee) and roll on the throttle to the next turn point. I don’t own a set of race leathers or even an appropriate bike for the class, as my BMW-K1200LT doesn’t quite cut it as a sport bike! I have been lucky enough to take levels 1-3 of CA Superbike school at NJMP Thunderbolt, VIR Main, and Laguna Seca and it is an experience you will never forget! California Superbike School which originally aired in the U.

As soon as we were off the bike after a track session there was an immediate trackside de-briefing with your coach to discuss that exercise. I had been to a few track days, and ridden on the street for almost 30 years. VIR is a great track, technical and loads of fun. Not one to pass up any opportunity to ride, I rode my BMW K1200LT the 450 miles to VIR. Previously I had taken a much more ‘in the moment’ approach to track riding – dealing with situations and corners when I arrived upon them. Welcome to the California Superbike School, where every instruction through the six on and off-track lessons will improve you as a rider.

I had tons of fun and learned some invaluable skills, not just for the track but to transfer to road riding too. I chose to go with the two-day camp. It&39;s a school, run very professionally. Superbike school UK episode 3: Knee to knee rraining part 2. Find the school here: We shortcut your learning curve, make new riders excellent, make veteran riders even better by limiting class size and focusing on each student’s. As it turned out, I had to cancel three weeks before the class started so the California Superbike School refund policy became an important point for me. The California Superbike School has run its programs at 121 closed road course facilities in 35 countries over the past.

Maybe you’re a fairly new street rider or maybe you’ve been riding for some time. Welcome to the California Superbike School Forum! California Superbike School travels to some of the finest tracks all over the U. 40 years ago there was no such a course like this until Mr. · We sent two very different riders to California Superbike School. Shift body left for a bend to the left followed by yet a faster left, knee out, engine beginning to snarl. Code founded the California Superbike School in 1980.

*For a Single Day School, these are the Off-Track drills available for each level:. For starters, location. · Keith Code&39;s California Superbike School has released its schedule of dates at racetracks all across America. Was it worth the cost? Motovlog 3 - California Superbike School at Virginia International. We were allowed to use 3rd & 4th gears, but still no brakes.

After analyzing the choices, I chose to go with the California Superbike Schoolwhen they came to the Virginia International Raceway (VIR). As of, riders who have been trained either at his schools or by him personally have won 60 world and national racing championships. You can test and improve your skills while having an experienced, skilled coach help you in an environment free of distractions such as cars, trucks, animals, surface hazards, or even the police. I was fortunate enough to complete level 1 and 2 with the school at a sun-kissed Brands Hatch Indy circuit. More Superbike School 2 videos.

Next it was time to be fitted with riding gear which consisted of AGV Sport full race leathers, boots, gloves and DOT/SNELL approved helmets, all of which were in excellent condition despite evidence that a few had experienced an “un-intended get off”. Code&39;s methodology has been taught to numerous championship winning riders such as Wayne Rainey, James Toseland and Leon Camier. We’ve discovered, perfected and put to use the most successful riding techniques that exist.

This is done by breaking cornering down into a series of steps. I also noticed on the way home a reduced need to twist the throttle up. ChampSchool 1 or 2-day curriculum builds upon two overarching principles. , starting back in 1980, and have trained more riders than anyone else in the world. Who is the California Superbike School? It was Superbike School 2 eagerly consumed, followed by a sign in where they take an imprint of your charge card (should you have any “mishaps”, you’re responsible for the damages). Keep body to the right for the slight downgrade into the “snake”, a series of fast “S”s, tuck in the knees, start pouring on the coal, onto a short straight where you pin the throttle, engine starting to scream, for just a few moments to get past that rider in your way. · California Superbike School video on Wrist Position as it relates to body position - Duration: 1:55.

California Superbike School 2/20-21 Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, NV ** 3. Keith Code, the CSS founder and the pioneer riding coach for both pro and road riders, created it. Whether you have questions about cornering techniques or are looking for information about how the school works or just want to talk about motorcycles with others that share a passion for riding, you have come to the right place. Type of School Pricing BYOB/Our Bikes; Feb 20 & 21: Las Vegas Motor Speedway: North Las Vegas, NV: 2-Day Camp/All Levels: 50 Bike incl. You are getting more personal attention, more track time, less students on track, and access to all the specialty bikes at the 2-Day Camp (at most tracks). If you took the 2-Day Camp you would complete Level 1 the first day and Level 2 the second day. We were divided into two color coded.

What is Superbike training? com Episode 1 v=2YIOxOaaVPE Episode 2 Founded by the legendary Keith Code in 1980, the California Superbike School offers a step-by-step method of technique-oriented rider training in the art of cornering motorcycles. My wife had never been to a track day but had ridden on the street for longer than I had. Designed to develop your visual skills to make the road or track an easier place to ride, spotting danger, a reference point or even an exit point of a corner early enough to amend your line. Specialties: We coach riders on the many skills they must master to discover the Art of Cornering. Few months ago I completed the Level 1 course with California Superbike School – read about that here – and it was the best thing that I’ve done in ages. Andrea grew up riding minibikes and is now a uni student living in the city and using her Moriwaki CBR250R as a daily rider. Cornering is the focus of the school — working on overcoming fear and panic to perfect the cornering process.

The four California Superbike School training levels are completed in order with each of the first three levels Superbike School 2 presenting precise technical riding skills, taught the. It was like having private lessons. It&39;s back to the classroom for BJ from Fast Bikes Magazine at the California Superbike School. The World School Το CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL έχει σαν στόχο να διδάξει την τεχνική που χρειάζεστε για να αντιμετωπίσετε κάθε στροφή του δρόμου με ασφάλεια και με εμπιστοσύνη στην οδηγική σας ικανότητα. Accelerate out of the pits, slow, down shift, listen for other bikes approaching. .

There Superbike School 2 is also that chance of injury, however minor, and you’d be in a spot should you ride there. An item I found interesting was the number of people in the class or at the track that were present or past aircraft pilots. The class would be using the North Course, which is 2.

California Superbike School – Level 2 & 3 by Lucia Aucott. Great staff and instructors, extremely disciplined Curriculum that progresses very nicely.

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